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The common tractor is a vehicle that is designed to deliver torque or power at slow speeds so that it can haul or pull equipment behind it. The tractor is most commonly associated with farms as it can be used for a wide variety of agricultural tasks which includes plowing and tilling fields. The name derives from its engineering design, but also comes from the Latin which means “to pull”.


The first tractors date back to the early 19th century when steam engines that were stationary were used thresh corn and other crops from inside the barn or enclosure. It was not until 1839 that William Tuxford created a steam engine that could move under its own power and haul cables. Over the rest of the 19th century, the tractors became larger and looked much like locomotives with large wheels.

By the early 20th century, the modern tractors were developed using gasoline engines. The large wheels became rubber and the vehicle itself has changed relatively little in terms of design. While most tractors are associated with the farm, there are also tractors that are used for construction. The differences in function are minor as both vehicles are designed to haul or pull implements.


The basic tractor is a vehicle that has a large, powerful engine which operates at low speeds, but high torque for maximum power. Its primary function is to pull farm or construction implements across soil, debris, or other surfaces. Part of its primary function lies in the sheer number of different implements that can be pulled by the tractor itself.

This versatility means that one vehicle can be used for several different jobs simply by attaching another type of implement to the back. On farms, tractors can be used to plow, till, brush hog, and other functions that help to clear land. For construction, the implements can be used to grade roads, flatten areas for foundations, and many other tasks.

Major Brands

Of the many major manufacturers that build tractors, the most popular brands start with John Deere and its amazing success over the past several decades. Other brands include Kubota, McCormick, Class, Escorts, New Holland, and several others which are sold in substantial numbers on a more regional basis.


Because the emphasis is on power and not speed, tractors can last for several decades with the right type of maintenance. Almost all the maintenance efforts are focused on the engine which must pull the implements along with the weight of the tractor itself. The large, rubber tires are quite thick and may last for a long time, especially if the vehicle is mostly driven on soil.

Need for Spare Parts

Because of the sheer number of tractors in use around the world today, there is a strong demand for spare parts. Most of the parts that are in demand have to do with the engine and transmission, but there are also needs for wheel, axle, and other moving parts that can wear out over time. Many individuals and companies purchase spare parts online from reputable retail stores that sell spare parts for a low, affordable price.