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You can see dozers or bulldozers used in all types of construction projects around the world. This is basically a crawler, which is a vehicle that uses tracks instead of wheels, and features a large blade in the front to push soil, debris, and other material around. At the back is a ripper, a claw-type device that tears up the soil or materials as the dozer passes over it.

History of Dozers

used dozersThe original dozers were converted Holt farm tractors that were used for plowing fields for farmers in the early part of the 20th century. In 1923, James Cummings and J. Earl McLeod designed and create the first bulldozer which was still considered a farming vehicle. By the late 1920s, companies like Caterpillar were making dozers for all types of jobs that required moving soil and other materials.

It was not until the 1930s that dozers were used widespread in construction projects. By World War II, there were dozers constructed with large rubber tires instead of tracks. However, most dozers retain the tracks and continued advances in technology provided more versatility for the vehicle. The blade which was fixed in so many early models now can pivot so it can better place the materials.

Function of Dozers

The primary function of dozers is to clear away large mounds of soil and similar materials so that construction projects can proceed. They are used to move soil and flatten areas for foundations to create buildings, roadways, and other major construction projects. They are also used to move rubble and debris in cleanup operations and landfills.

Major Brands of Dozers

Of the major brands of bulldozers that are now available, such as Liebherr, Case, John Deere, and Komatsu, the most dominant by far is Caterpillar. Caterpillar has earned a strong reputation thanks to their longevity, durability, and reliability that stretches back nearly a century.


Dozers can last a long time, up to several decades depending on how well they are maintained. There are even bulldozers that were built during World War II that see limited service in other parts of the world. This is because the dozer itself is a simple, straightforward vehicle that is used to moved mounds of soil, debris, rubble, and other materials.

As long as the engine is properly maintained and parts replaced before they wear out, it is possible to keep a bulldozer running for a very long time.

Dozer Spare Parts

The most common spare parts for bulldozers, apart from the engine, are the tracks and gears that help propel the vehicle forward. It’s rare that the blade or ripper needs to be replaced because they are thick, solid pieces of metal, but even so the parts that hold them in place will need to be changed out from time to time.

For individuals and companies that operate dozers, having a reliable supply of spare parts available makes maintaining the vehicle far easier and less expensive. There are online stores that offer spare parts for dozers and provide them for a reasonable price.