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Backhoe Loaders

Also called a loader backhoe or just backhoe, this is classified as a large, tractor-type vehicle that has a loader-type shovel or bucket on the front and a backhoe on the rear. Backhoes are commonly used in urban construction and engineering locations because they are relatively compact and highly versatile so that one unit can perform several tasks. They are most often seen in the construction of homes, repairing roads in urban areas, and so forth.


The development of the backhoe began shortly after World War II by the same people who founded the Wain-Roy Corporation. In 1947, the first backhoe was built and tested, using hydraulics instead of cables and wenches. The backhoe was attached to a Ford Model 8N tractor and the first unit sold to the Connecticut Light and Power Company in April 1948.

Prototypes were also developed in the UK which also used a tractor, but the attachments were permanent in nature. This means that the operator sat on a swivel seat so they could easily turn and operate either device. By 1970, four-wheel drive was developed and the vehicle has undergone relatively minor design changes ever since.


The backhoe loader can be used in a wide variety of construction jobs, including transporting materials, demolition, digging holes, busting up asphalt, paving roads, and more. The bucket of the backhoe can be replaced by a grapple, auger, breaker, or stump grinder depending on the need. Many backhoe loaders have a coupler device to mount different attachments when needed for various tasks.

Because of the shifting weight that backhoe loaders often experience, they have hydraulic stabilizers much like excavators when doing their work from a stationary position. The stabilizers can fully retract so the vehicle can move about or shift to account for different weight distribution.

Major Brands

There are several major brands of back loaders that are used around the world for all types of construction, demolition, and related jobs. They include Caterpillar, John Deere, Case Construction Equipment, JCB, Volvo Construction Equipment, Komatsu, and others. The popularity of each brand often depends on the location as different countries have their preferred models from manufacturers.


Because of the multiple moving parts associated with the backhoe and loader on the front and back of the vehicle respectively, they can wear down over time. It’s quite common to have parts repair and replacement for the backhoe and particularly the loader so that they remain in proper working order. Also, the hydraulics of the stabilizers need maintenance thanks to the heavy loads they must bear during their work.

Need for Spare Parts

There is a definite need for spare parts when it comes to the backhoe loader. Proper maintenance of the vehicle requires that spare parts be available for each attachment, hydraulics, and engine so that it maintains proper function. Many companies acquire their spare parts from online retailers that specialize in brands or even models of backhoe loaders. They offer fast delivery for the spare parts that are needed for the vehicles to operate.